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<b>PRIM projects shine at RVQC!</b>

PRIM projects shine at RVQC!

11 films selected, the Pierre-et-Yolande-Perreault award for Nicolas Lachapelle's Le monde après nous, as well as two service grants offered by PRIM for Sonya Stefan (The Truss Arch) and Jorge Camarotti (Ousmane).
<b>The new virtual reality residency! </b>

The new virtual reality residency!

PRIM and SPOROBOLE are very pleased to announce their new virtual reality residency This 3-month residency offers the opportunity to create a virtual reality work with filmed components and interaction devices.
<b>Sandra Volny, PRIM Residency recipient</b>

Sandra Volny, PRIM Residency recipient

We will have the pleasure of welcoming Sandra Volny as part of the PRIM Residency! This residency is by invitation of the Board of Directors and aims to offer an artist all the resources of PRIM for one year in order to produce an original work.


PRIM and SPOROBOLE are joining forces to offer a creative residency that will take advantage of their mutual skills: on the one hand, PRIM's expertise in film production; and on the other hand, Sporobole's expertise in the creation of interactive virtual reality works.This 3-month residency offers the artist the opportunity to create an interactive cinematic virtual reality work, i.e. including filmed components and interaction devices. The residency will be accompanied by a $10,000 fee and over $30,000 in services.
<b>Welcome to Mélanie and Amélie</b>

Welcome to Mélanie and Amélie

PRIM's team is pleased to welcome two new employees to its team: Mélanie and Mélanie! Amélie arrived in February, as a post-production assistant. She assists Sylvain in the preparation and finishing of projects,
<b>A new era for PRIM</b>

A new era for PRIM

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, PRIM is thrilled to announce the end of the renovation work at its centre, which allowed them to modernize their installations and to add new spaces devoted to creation in media and digital arts, which are adapted to the needs of the members and the artistic community.
<b>Our new colors!</b>

Our new colors!

The entire team is proud to unveil the new PRIM colors! This new image accompanies the reopening of the center and translates in a graphic way our will to anchor ourselves in modernity, to offer a unifying space, and to privilege creative freedom.
<b>Three new assistance programs</b>

Three new assistance programs

In order to be as close as possible to the needs of artists, PRIM has added 3 support programs. The Research and Exploration program in addition to the October and April deposit, and 2 programs available at all times: Distribution Assistance Program and Organization Assistance Program.
PRIM Residency

PRIM Residency

Unlike other residency programs where a jury selects the candidate, the PRIM residency is by invitation only from the board of directors and is intended to provide an artist with all PRIM resources for a year to realize an original work. With a PRIM residency, you have carte blanche!
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