The Family of the Forest


Laura Rietveld

Catbird Productions 2, Inc
85 minutes | 2022

supported by PRIM through
the Creation Assistance Program

Distribution Les Films du 3 Mars

A river in winter - Félix Lamarche

Gérard and Catherine sacrificed family, friends and their homeland of Belgium for a life of self-sufficiency deep in the boreal forest of Gaspé Peninsula, Québec. Now fifteen years later, as their three sons become young adults, what will happen to this remarkable life they’ve given everything to create? What makes the intense demands and sacrifices of this life worth it? What does it mean to truly appreciate and live with nature? And what can we learn from this inspiring family? The Family of the Forest ponders these questions with a poetic sensitivity while joining the Jacob-Mathar family at a pivotal time: as Côme, Ossyane, and Jonas emerge into adulthood. Gérard and Catherine complete an ambitious plan to keep sons close to family and forest.

Affiche La famille de la forêt
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