Sisters: dream and variations


Catherine Legault

85 minutes | 2019

Concerto Films

supported by PRIM through
the Creation Assistance Program

Eye Steel Film

Sisters: dream and variations

Tyr and Jasa grew up in an artistic environment where creation was a way of life, and adulthood has made them original and passionate sisters. Tyr is now a musician and singer while Jasa is an interdisciplinary artist. Inspired by recordings of Icelandic folk songs performed by their great-grandmother, their artistic practices draw on both their colorful imaginations and their family roots. This led them to undertake their first trip to Iceland, to collaborate on a project that combines their artistic disciplines and cultural heritage. With her first feature film, Catherine Legault plunges us into a dreamlike world of animation, performance and cinéma-vérité. More than a simple portrait, the film takes an inspiring look at the artistic process of two sisters whose manifestations are so many variations on self-affirmation, fantasy and dreams.

Sisters: dream and variations

The IndieFEST Film Awards 2020
Award of Excellence: Editing and Original Music

Gala Québec Cinéma
IRIS for Best Original Score – Documentary Film

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