A river in winter


Félix Lamarche

28 minutes | 2020

supported by PRIM through
the Creation Assistance Program


A river in winter - Félix Lamarche

We often contemplate it, but do we really know it? Filmmaker Félix Lamarche (Terres fantômes, RIDM 2019) invites us to rediscover the St. Lawrence River in the heart of winter. To do so, he embarks on the Amundsen, a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker, and travels through the icy expanses while interviewing scientists who share their passion. Between the contemplative observation of the majestic movements of the ice floes and the microscopic observation of the fascinating creatures that live there, this documentary takes the form of a visual and spiritual journey. Between the infinitely large and the infinitely small, the film leads us to meditate on our ignorance while marveling at the unfathomable mysteries of life and the underwater world. (Apolline Caron-Ottavi)

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