Unlike other residency programs where a jury selects the candidate, the PRIM residency is by invitation only from the board of directors and is intended to provide an artist with all PRIM resources for a year to realize an original work. With a PRIM residency, you have carte blanche!

Eligible candidates

This program is aimed at mid-career or established artists who are recognized in their community and stand out by their unusual artistic approach.

Some of the artists who have benefited from this residency are : Gianni Totti, Chantal duPont, Alain Pelletier, Nelson Henricks, Manon Labrecque, Monique Jean, Robert Morin, Emmanuel Madan, Denis Côté, Donigan Cumming, Luc Bourdon, Sylvain L’Espérance, Christian Calon, Robin Aubert, Dominic Gagnon, Helen Doyle, Daïchi Saïto, Michèle Cournoyer et François Delisle.

Assistance granted

Assistance granted

  • Unlimited access to all shooting equipment and audio and video postproduction studios and rooms for a year
  • 100 hours of technician time for online editing, colourization and/or mixing (a $4,000 value)
  • Member’s annual subscription valid for one year
  • Project guidance and technical support
  • Preview presentation

Eligibility rules

General eligibility rules

This residency is by invitation from the board of directors. No unsolicited applications are eligible.

Eligible costs

PRIM’s support under this program takes the form of a discount on the non-member rate for renting equipment for the following services:

  • Sound and image capture (shooting)
  • Sound recording
  • Sound editing
  • Image editing and finishing
  • Colourization
  • Sound mixing
  • Digitization, transfer and DCP creation
  • Technicians’ fees up to $4,000

Non-eligible costs

The following expenses are not eligible:

  • Distribution media and supplies

Other informations

Artists’ obligations

To benefit from the PRIM residency, recipients must becomes PRIM members, sign a residency agreement and grant public performance rights to PRIM at the end of the residency for presentation to its members, collaborators and partners.


The most recent recipients of the PRIM Residency program are:

Sandra Volny 2021
François Delisle 2016-2017 – Ca$h Nexu$
Michèle Cournoyer 2015-2016 – Pellicola
Daïchi Saïto 2014-2015 – Engram of Returning
Helen Doyle 2013-2014 – L’artiste dans son for intérieur
Dominic Gagnon 2012-2013 – Hoax_Canular

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