PRIM and the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) have partnered to offer a joint residency, a year long-term accompaniment to an artist wishing to experiment, develop their skills and create a work in the discipline of new media arts. PRIM offers its filming equipment and facilities available to the artist for the production of a work in video art, documentary, fiction and audio art PRIM is associated with MAI’s artist joint fellowship program. The selected project will be presented to MAI for the 2022-2023 season of projects in residence. The selected project must be associated with the mandates of both organizations. The project must favour an intercultural approach in its creation while compromising the audio, video and digital processing.

Target candidates

To submit an application to the PRIM | MAI residency

  • Must be an independent artist. This joint residency fellowship applies to Indegenious artists (First Nations, Inuit, Métis), racialized artists (this includes those recently immigrated artists), members of the 2SLGBTQQIPAA+ community and/or to the Deaf, neurodiverse, with visible or invisible minorities, living with different abilities, living with a handicap or chronic illness.


  • Be an artists collective whose majority of members come from cultural communities creating works independently.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. In the case of a collective, at least one member must meet this requirement.

PRIM and MAI invite emerging, mid-career and established artists to submit a project.

Assistance granted

Assistance granted


    • $8 000* access to all filming equipment and video and audio post-production studios and rooms for a year
    • $1,000* for audio and/or video training and support
    • Project guidance and technical support

By the MAI

    • Allocation of $5,000 for the creation of the project
    • Presentation option among one of the 3 following options:
      – Visual projection of the artwork on the site of the MAI
      for 15 days in Fall 2023.
      – Video installation in the theater café for 15
      days in Fall 2023.
      – Film screening event of the project in the theater
      (2-3 day event).

Eligibility rules

General eligibility rules

This joint residency fellowship is unique in its nature, and is intended for artists who have a draft of their project application already prepared (including a project description and budget) or are in the next phase from research to creation.

Eligible projects

All proposals for producing independent media works in any artistic practice using sound or moving images are eligible.

Note: Projects that are part of a school curriculum are not eligible.


Access to equipment

    • Sound and image capture (shooting)
    • Sound recording
    • Sound editing and exploration
    • Image editing and finishing
    • Colorization
    • Sound mixing (cinema and music)
    • Digitization, transfer and DCP creation
    • Virtual reality


    • Workshop and training fees


Professional training and artistic development

    • Workshop and training fees
    • Honorariums (mentors and/or consultants)
    • Software acquisition and other tools related to the training of the applicant
    • Writing, translation, and editing services
    • Consultation and assistance in preparing a grant application

Artistic research and creation

    • Honorariums for a mentor and/or consultants
    • Honorariums for production or technical assistance
    • Honorarium for a dramaturg, rehearsal director, an outside eye, production manager, technical director, sound engineer, composer, lighting designer, videographer, or other artistic collaborator
    • Publication coordination and/or production fees
    • Studio rental fees

Fees related to creation or updating a website

    • Writing, translation, and editing services
    • Support from a media relations agent
    • Support for incorporating a company or cultural enterprise and the drafting of related corporate documents
    • Consultation and assistance in preparing a grant application
    • Consultation and assistance drafting budgets

Non-eligible costs

The following expenses are not covered by the residency and remain the responsibility of the artist:


    • Honorariums for technical assistance
    • Supplies and broadcasting materials
    • Travel and accommodation costs, if applicable


    • All direct payments to the artist
    • Fees for practices and performances, commercial rental spaces, commercial space service costs (ex. utilities – internet service, telephone, electricity etc..)
    • Fess related for crowdfunding a project, per diem for sustenance, travel and accommodation
    • Production fees (ex. technical materials; art supplies, decor, costumes and materials, musical equipment etc…)

Registration terms and conditions

How to apply

To submit your application, you must complete the registration form online and attach the following documents:

    • CV of the artist or the members of the artists’ collective applying
    • Completed form of technical requirements (Excel spreadsheet to download, attach form to the application)
    • Presentation of a budget and distribution of funds for the project
    • Audio/Video support material (Max 15 min) presented as links (ex. Vimeo or other)
    • Any other documentation that the artist feels is pertinent (photos, illustrations, script…)

Application form


Monday June 20 2022 at 5pm

Evaluating applications

Evaluation process

Applications are first assessed by the program coordinator at MAI against the program’s eligibility requirements.
Eligible applications are then evaluated by a committee made up of representatives from both organizations.

The committee evaluates on merit based on the evaluation criteria of the program. At the end of the evaluation, the members of the committee decide on the granting of the residence. Decisions are final and without appeal.

Evaluation criteria

The projects are evaluated according to the following criteria:

    1. Innovative nature of the proposal
    2. Relevance of the subject matter in the context of image-based artistic practices
    3. Adequacy between the contents developed and the technologies used
    4. Relevance of the projects connection in intercultural and/or intersectional arts practice


Committee members must follow Jury Member Professional Ethics Code and the Conflict of Interest rules.

Response time

PRIM and the MAI will provide a response within 3 months at the latest, after the published date of the call for proposals.

Due to the large number of proposals we receive, only artists whose projects are selected will be contacted. We understand that a lot of preparation work goes into a proposal and we are appreciative of all the artists who share their work with us.

Other information

Artists’ obligations

In order to benefit from the PRIM | MAI residency, the recipient must become a member of PRIM, carry out their project within one year of the date of signature of the agreement and respect the terms and conditions.


Previous recipîents of the PRIM | MAI Joint Residency Fellowship are:

Hadi Jamali (2018)
Corinne Beaumier (2017)
Maia Iotzova (2016)
Kim-Sanh Châu (2015)
Nika Khanjani (2014)

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