Since 2005, Dazibao and PRIM have joined forces to offer an artist an exceptional opportunity to produce and distribute a work. The selected proposal takes into account the specificities of both organizations and, as a result, must address the formal and conceptual problems innate to image-based practices while having no qualms about tackling audio, video and digital processing.

Target candidates

To apply for the PRIM | DAZIBAO residency, you must:

  • Be an artist or artists’ collective creating works independently;
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. In the case of a collective, at least one member must meet this requirement.

PRIM and Dazibao invite emerging, mid-career and established artists to submit a project. In an effort to support diversity and inclusion, PRIM encourages proposals from artists who identify as members of a minority

Assistance granted

Assistance granted


  • $12,000* worth of access to all shooting equipment and the video and audio postproduction studios and rooms for one year
  • $1,000* for audio and/or video training and support
  • Project guidance and technical support

* Calculated at the non-member rate, non-transferable or redeemable for cash

By Dazibao

  • Presentation of the work as part of our regular programming for the following year*
  • Guidance throughout the project’s development, production of discussion material around the artist’s practice as well as logistical and promotional supervision

* The fees paid by Dazibao follow CARFAC recommendations.

Eligibility rules

General eligibility rules

An unlimited number of separate applications per application period and per artist are eligible.

There is no limit as to the number of times a project may be submitted in the event it is rejected for a previous application period.

Eligible projects

All proposals for producing independent media works in any artistic practice using sound or moving image are eligible.

Note: Projects that are part of a school curriculum are not eligible.

Eligible costs

PRIM’s support under this program takes the form of free access* to equipment for the following services:

  • Sound and image capture (shooting)
  • Sound recording
  • Sound editing and exploration
  • Image editing and finishing
  • Colorization
  • Sound mixing (cinema and music)
  • Digitization, transfer and DCP creation
  • Virtual reality

* Maximum value of $12,000 calculated at the non-member rate

Non-eligible costs

The following expenses are not eligible:

  • Technicians’ fees
  • Distribution media and supplies
  • Travel and accommodation costs, if applicable

Registration terms and conditions

How to apply

To apply, you must complete the online application form and provide the following documents:


  • CV of the artist or the members of the artists’ collective applying
  • List of technical needs (Excel document to download, complete and attach to the application)
  • Audio/video supporting documentation (15 min max in total) in the form of links to Vimeo or other
  • Any other documentation that the artist feels is pertinent (photos, illustrations, script…)


October 15

Evaluating applications

Evaluation process

Applications are first evaluated by the person in charge of the program at Dazibao based on the program’s eligibility conditions.

Eligible applications are then evaluated by a committee made up of representatives from both organizations.

The committee evaluates on merit based on the evaluation criteria of the program. At the end of the evaluation, the jury members decide whether to award the residency. The decisions are final and without appeal

Evaluation criteria

The projects are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Innovative nature of the proposal
  2. Subject’ relevance in the context of current image-based practices
  3. Adequacy between the contents developed and the technologies used


Jury members must follow PRIM’s Jury Member Professional Ethics Code and the Conflict of Interest rules as well as Dazibao’s codes and policies.

Response time

Dazibao will notify you of the jury’s decision no later than four months after the program’s deadline.

Due to the high number of proposals we receive, only artists whose projects have been accepted will be contacted. We are aware that preparing a proposal requires considerable work, and we are grateful to all the artists who share their research with us.

Other information

Artists’ obligations

In order to benefit from the PRIM | Dazibao residency, the recipients will have to become a member of PRIM, carry out their project within one year of the date of signature of the agreement and respect the terms and conditions.


The previous recipients of the PRIM | Dazibao Residency are:

Zinnia Naqvi (2020-2021)
Anne-Renée Hotte (2019-2020)
Omar Elhamy et Casper Wolski (2017-2018)
Maryse Goudreau (2016-2017)
Roberto Santaguida (2015-2016)
Léna Mill-Reuillard (2014-2015)
Scott Massey (2013-2014)
Lorna Bauer et Jon Knowles (2012-2013)
Steve Bates (2011-2012)
Frédéric Lavoie (2010-2011)
Michel Campeau (2010-2011)
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay (2009-2010)
Sophie Bélair Clément (2008-2009)
Charles Stankievech (2007-2008)
Romeo Gongora (2006-2007)
Chih-Chien Wang (2005-2006)

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