The PRIM | Codes d’accès residency gives an emerging audio artist the opportunity to produce a surround work, for distribution with Codes d’accès. Focusing on mixing and mastering, the selected artist will be able to finalize his or her project in PRIM’s sound lab and benefit from broadcasting as part of Codes d’accès’s regular programming.

Target candidates

To submit an application for the PRIM | CODES D’ACCÈS Residency

  • Be an artist, musician, composer and/or performer or the representative of an ensemble, organization or artist collective;
  • Be an emerging artist (see definition below);
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. In the case of a collective, at least one member must meet this requirement.

Supporting diversity and inclusion, PRIM and Codes d’accès encourage submissions from artists who identify as members of a minority group.

According to the Codes d’accès mandate, artists with less than ten (10) years of active professional life will be given preference in the selection process, regardless of age. The date of commencement of active professional life is generally determined by the first participation in an event produced by a recognized organization in a recognized venue, or by the completion of studies in the arts. However, the level of experience, frequency of professional activities, and past experiences with the organization are factors that may influence the jury’s decision based on the organization’s mandate to cultivate early professional experiences.

Assistance granted

Assistance granted


  • Access to 10 work sessions in the PRIM sound lab
  • Project coaching, technical and creative support
  • Listening session at the end of the residency

By Codes d’accès

  • Broadcast or co-broadcast of the work during a future season
  • Professional support and guidance as provided to Codes d’Accès’ supported projects
  • Professional creative and broadcasting fees according to Codes d’Accès’ standards*.

*Part of the fee will be paid at the end of the residency, and the other part at the time of broadcasting.

Dates of the residency

The work sessions at PRIM should take place between July and December 2022 and should last a maximum of 1 month. The date of distribution by Codes d’Accès will be determined according to the nature of the work and its completion date.

Eligibility rules

General eligibility rules

Only one application per application period and per artist is eligible.

There is no limit as to the number of times a project may be submitted in the event it is rejected for a previous application period.

Eligible projects

All proposals for productions of electroacoustic new music are eligible.

By new music, Codes d’Accès means any musical form whose artistic approach demonstrates a reflection on the discipline, on creation or on contemporary issues. Regardless of the nature of the project, the candidate is strongly encouraged to demonstrate originality, to develop a personal mode of expression, and to present a content and/or form that is significant in terms of our contemporaneity.

By electroacoustic work, Codes d’accès means any musical form that uses the loudspeaker as a means of diffusion and is created with the help of electronic tools.

The duration of the work broadcast by Codes d’accès may not exceed 30 minutes.

Note: Projects that are part of a school curriculum are not eligible.

Non-eligible costs

The following expenses are not covered by the residency and remain the responsibility of the artist:


  • Honorariums for technical assistance
  • Supplies and broadcasting materials
  • Travel and accommodation costs, if applicable

Registration terms and conditions

How to apply

To apply, you must complete the online registration form on the Codes d’accès portal and provide the following documents:

  • Description of the residency project including motivations, objectives and timeline (max. 3 pages)
  • Detailed information about the final work presented in concert (max. 1 page)
  • List of participants indicating their role in the project, if any
  • Technical specifications of the final work presented in concert, including technical requirements and a stage plan if necessary
  • Curriculum vitae (3 pages max)
  • Two recent examples of your artwork with the following support material (your choice):
      • Recordings (in MP3 format only) or audio and/or video web links (Soundcloud, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.);
      • Scores (if available, in PDF only);
      • Any other material in digital format related to the submitted project that may be of interest to the artistic committee.

    NOTE: It is advisable not to overload your file and to restrict the accompanying material to the most significant examples that best illustrate the submitted project. It is advisable to send listening links.


Wednesday june 15 at 5pm

Evaluating applications

Evaluation process

Applications are first assessed by the Codes d’accès program manager against the program’s eligibility requirements. Eligible applications are then evaluated by the CArt (Codes d’accès Art Committee) while a PRIM representative validates the feasibility of the projects. The committee evaluates the applications on the basis of the program’s evaluation criteria. At the end of the evaluation, the members of the committee decide on the granting of the residence. Decisions are final and without appeal.

Evaluation criteria

The projects are evaluated according to the following criteria:

1. Artistic merit (50%)

  • Artistic quality of the examples provided
  • Artistic relevance of the project and its approach
  • Value of targeted results
  • Risk taking

2. Impact (30%)

  • Positive impact on candidates’ careers
  • Impact on the environment and artistic practice
  • Impact of Codes d’accès and PRIM assistance in project implementation
  • Concordance with Codes d’accès and PRIM mandates
  • Susceptibility to generate public interest

3. Project feasability (20%)


  • Candidate’s ability to carry out the project
  • Realism of the objectives and the means necessary to achieve the project


Members of the Artistic Committee shall abide by the guidelines of the CArt Code of Ethics regarding conflict of interest, participation and confidentiality.

Response time

Codes d’accès will inform you of the answer no later than one month after the program deadline.

Other information

Artists’ obligations

In order to benefit from the PRIM | Codes d’accès Residency, recipients must become a member of PRIM ($75) and Codes d’accès ($10), complete their project within one year of the date of signing the agreement and respect the terms and conditions.


Previous recipients of the PRIM | Codes d’accès residency program are:

Pierre-Luc Senécal: Leave No Trace (2018)
Quentin Lauvray: Regard(s) (2017)
Gabriel Ledoux: Un 22 février en exil (2016)
Ana Tapia Rousiouk: Les entrailles de la terre (2015)
Jullian Hoff: djalɔg, “Comprovisation” for electric guitar, electronics and video (2014)
James O’Callaghan: Isomorphic, Acousmatic Work (2013)

Request for more information

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Codes d’accès Artistic Director at

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