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Julie Favreau,
recipient of the PRIM | Sporobole residency


We are pleased to announce that Julie Favreau is the new artist in residency that we welcome to the PRIM Sporobole residency!

This three month residency offers the artist the opportunity to create an interactive cinematic virtual reality work, i.e. comprising filmed components and interaction devices.

Julie Favreau’s practice is at the crossroads of visual arts, choreography, cinema and dramaturgy.

The artist is interested in the evocative and symbolic charge that a gesture can reveal through interaction with an object, either the invention of gestures from objects (sculptures) or conversely, the invention of sculptures from gestures. Her recent projects are composed of found, modified and sculpted objects, from which performers enter into a relationship in order to produce a repertoire of filmed and photographed gestures that express the unspeakable. Throughout these stories, the gestures and materials used do not belong to an identifiable culture or time; rather, they tend to represent the archetypal, universal forms that transcend time. – Pat White

Julie Favreau lives and works in Montreal and Berlin. Her works are open stories meant to induce a state of heightened sensory awareness in the viewer – statements for a return to concentration, focus, intuition and tactility. In her videos, choregraphies, sculptures and photography, eroticism and female gaze are approached as a form of power. She is interested in exploring the erotic texture of the world, the way animate and inanimate things touch and affect one another. Next projects will look at how spiritual and sexual power have a role to play as vital forces in the imminent encounter between the bodies of late capitalism and the augmented human. (original text aiship.org).

She was the recipient of the Pierre-Ayot Award 2014 and Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Fellowship in Contemporary Art 2012.

Over the next few months, Julie will have the opportunity to create a work in cinematic virtual reality by benefiting from the equipment and expertise of both artist centers.

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